What is Moneymailme all about ?

Stay in touch with your friends

You are used to sending messages, photos and videos. But what about money ?

  • Chat with your friends and send them money, instantly and securely.
  • Place a video call and transfer money right there, during the call.
  • Pay for your lover’s present directly through Moneymailme app.
  • Help others by donating to Causes. Give back something to the society.

Thanks to Moneymailme, you can do all this in a secure environment.

Security comes first

SSL Encryption

Our app is 256-bit encryption secured

Three-Factor Authentication

You are in full control of your own account

Device Validation

Validate your device before using it

Transaction Security

Every transaction is closely monitored with 24h support

Layered Security

Multiple layers of authentication for your peace of mind

Secure Mobile Payments

Our commitment: secure money transfer with security codes

World first: money transfer during a video call

We are proud to be the first company in the world to release an app that offers video calls with cash transfer (e-money) integrated:

  • Keep in touch with friends and family traveling or living abroad
  • Send money to your loved ones while chatting with them on video call
  • Click on the cash icon during a video call and transfer money instantly almost anywhere
  • A video message to a family member, friend or colleague with a bit of cash is about as personal as it gets.

Moneymailme for Business.
E-shop payments with M3

Now you can implement Moneymailme in your online business! If you’re representing an online store, you can add Moneymailme as a fast, fun and easy payment solution for customers to buy your products.

In only a few steps you can have the option “Pay with Moneymailme” on your online store!

Retail Payments


CMS Integration


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