At the end of 2016, The Bank of England admitted there were traces of rendered animal fat in the new British £5 note that went into circulation in September. Bank of Canada also confirmed that tallow was present in Canadian polymer banknotes. Vegetarians and vegans around the world were enraged.

Love your finances

February 14, 2017

Today, when people all over the world are celebrating Valentine’s Day, we take a look at how can you improve the relationship with your finances and even fall in love with them.

Unlike a dull money transfer, Moneymailme lets users to send or request for money while chatting with friends and family without the need for bank account. No need to switch between applications or interrupt your chat, just use Moneymailme to chat and transfer funds instantly! The app allows users to enter desired messages, videos or […]

How about using a brand-new messaging app to stay in contact with your colleagues, family members and buddies from around the world? It’s called Moneymailme. And you can use it not just for conversations, but also for sending and receiving money easily. Obviously, you have to try the app!

Living in crowded cities, amongst skyscrapers, offices and residential buildings, we often tend to forget that far from the madding crowd people find it harder to transfer money, especially in emergency situations. That’s where money mobile transfers come in!

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