Multiple Currencies

multiple currenciesMoneyMailMe provides it users with the ability to use multiple currencies.

When creating a Moneymailme e-wallet, you can choose your preferred currency, from EURO, USD or GBP.

Moneymailme’s Foreign Exchange capability ensures, with the addition of two new currencies GBP and USD, that you are now able to transfer funds to any of your contacts with other base currency e-wallets at highly competitive foreign exchange rates.

You can request or send e-money within seconds with Moneymailme, without needing to know  your contacts bank account number or other transfer details. Just add him as a contact in the app and this is all it takes to start enjoying the benefits! Sending 50 euro from Europe to your friend in the US? No problem. With Moneymailme you can transfer cash, almost anywhere in the world, as easy as sending a picture or a smile.