The new Moneymailme app combines the growing demand for social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available cash, instantly.

There are no fees within the app, and thus with no cost-resistance. Users become increasingly involved in the friendly and seamless flow of simultaneous social engagement and the gesture of transferring of money, or more precisely “credit”, to friends and family across town or across the globe.

The new Moneymailme app uses highly secure and trusted payment processors which are active on a high-volume, international scale, enabling total comfort. Each time a user accesses his mobile phone or internet; he can request or send e-money within seconds using the Moneymailme app — anywhere in the world.

From sending e-money back to your friend who just paid for your coffee in the university, to contributing with your office colleagues for buying a gift for your boss, Moneymailme facilitates small payments, file sharing and chatting in the same time, allowing our clients to make out of payments a real enjoyable social experience.

The mission of Moneymailme is to offer distinctive youth-oriented ‘social e-money transferring’ to urban millenials and smart individuals searching for clear, easy and innovative ways to communicate.

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