The technical evolution of the mobile markets has opened avenues for mobile money services to thrive and Social money transferring. Moneymailme is one of them, identifying as an innovative chatting app that combines the social interaction witht he joy of sending and receiving e-money, instantly. Here are 5 reasons why you should use it:

1. Extremely Easy

Moneymailme is an easy way of transferring money: you only need your mobile phone and you can simply send money from and to almost anywhere in the world even if there isn’t a bank in proximity. As for the receiver, all you need is their mobile phone number. As soon as you both have the app, the only thing you need to do is tap the send button.

2. Secure and Private

Because of the multiple layers of authentification implemented, everything is safe, from your information to your money. You have total control over your account. Because of the hardware limitation, Moneymailme can only be used on your personal smartphone. Only in case it gets stolen, you lose it or just decide to change your device, you can easily log into your web platform and block your account.

3. Convenient

The extremely small fees make social money transferring one of the best ways of transferring money: the only fee is at top-up (2,5{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969}), but apart from that, you have the possibility of infinite transfers between you and your friends.

For example, let’s say you decide to deposit 100 EUR into your Moneymailme account. Your only fee will be the 2,5{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969} out of that amount (in this case, 2.5 EUR). After processing (which is instant) you have 97.5 EUR in your Moneymailme account. This means that M3 will never take more money from your bank account than the amount you type in at deposit. So there are no hidden comissions.

Now, let’s imagine that you want to send money to your friend that paid for lunch yesterday. You owe him 10 EUR, so you type in that amount and you send it. How much money will he get? And how much money will be taken from your account? Exactly 10 EUR.

4. Remittances

Usually, sending money from abroad means going to the bank and sending a big amount of hard-worked money, after which comes the necessary time for the money transfer process to be done. Social Money Transferring with Moneymailme breaks this barrier by eliminating that time it takes for money to be sent to another country. It almost feels like you would give money to a person standing next to you.

5. Donations

Moneymailme doesn’t only bring you closer to your family, but also to people in need. For the first time, you can use a social app not just for your own benefit, but to help others. So you can donate in real time, with no fees, and help make a difference. Usually, when you want to donate to a cause there is a lot of time between the emotional impact that makes you want to donate and the moment you take action. With this app, that time can be eliminated, since all you have to do is select the amount of money and donate it to the Cause you believe in.

You don’t have to wait. In the end, it’s all about sending money as easy as you send a text message: instantly. Nothing stays in your way anymore.

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