San Francisco. Moneymailme the money transfer app positioned second place in the Banking Disrupted Summit Competition, which took place Tuesday evening on the 15th of September, after it was presented in the big final among 10 of the hottest startups from the portfolios of the top Silicon Valley venture funds.

The Banking Disrupted Summit was organized by the Silicon Valley Innovation Center and gathered together both disruptors and disrupted, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in order to discuss banking industry threads and opportunities with insiders and outsiders.


The Final “Banking Disrupted” Competition offered 10 of the most promising startups the opportunity to meet a jury of investors and to pitch their cutting edge financial technologies, which present an alternative to the traditional model of a bank, but also create opportunities for internal innovations and potential for strategic partnerships with established financial institutions.

“We are really happy we got the second place out of ten great startups in the big final! For us, it is a big win from many points of view, because the other eight companies placed below us have the potential to be big names in the industry, all of them led by world-class entrepreneurs. The journey in the ‘big league’ in Silicon Valley is just starting for us after this great result.”, said Mihai Ivascu, Moneymailme Founder and CEO.


Moneymailme CEO Mihai Ivascu participated among the leading innovators and disruptors from Silicon Valley at the Banking Disrupted Summit, to discuss the opportunities arising from a revolutionary new concept – Social Money Transferring.

Moneymailme is the new chat app that combines social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available e-money, instantly. With the Moneymailme app, each time a user accesses his mobile phone or the Internet, he can request or send e-money within seconds, almost anywhere in the world. The user-friendly iOS and Android app is designed to facilitate communication and easy e-money transferring, without needing to know a contacts’ bank account number or other transfer details, and with highly competitive fees. Donations to causes, shop and live video call are among the comprehensive features of the mobile money transfer app.


According to the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, in the last four years, venture capital investment in fintech has increased more than 600{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969}. Emerging players in fintech are well-positioned to dramatically reshape the customer experience with game changing new business models.


SVIC’s “Banking Disrupted” Summit provides industry leaders in this space with the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with leading innovators and disruptors from Silicon Valley to discuss the threats and opportunities arising from emerging technologies.

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