Moneymailme is now a member of the Global Fintech Association, the non-profit organization created to exchange ideas and challenges among relevant companies in the FinTech space.

Global Fintech Association

The Global Fintech Association has been set up in lean, inter-connected working groups according to geographies, business models, and key association topics, to actively collaborate within and beyond in order to push forward our shared objectives to strengthen the global FinTech ecosystem.

The digital revolution of the financial industry is in full swing and will change client experience and processes forever. However, to achieve true global impact we need to address and coordinate the industry’s needs and challenges on a global scale. This is how the Global Fintech Association was created.

Global Fintech Association

Fintech Ecosystem

By joining the Global Fintech Association, Moneymailme plans to liaise with members, like-minded people and other stakeholders of the FinTech ecosystem and exchange ideas globally, share experiences, best practices and lessons learned from peers and avoid repeating mistakes of others.

Through networking with FinTechs globally and making all our ideas heard in this environment will help all member FinTech companies benefit and jointly shape the FinTech industry’s frameworks.

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