The future of mobile payments will migrate from buttons in apps and mobile-friendly web pages into video-embedded options. However, you can experience the future today thanks to Moneymailme’s in-call payment option during a video call.

Here are some interesting numbers: by 2020, 75{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969} of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. According to a recent Cisco study, mobile video will grow at a CAGR of 62{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969} between 2015 and 2020, higher than the overall average mobile traffic CAGR of 53{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969}. Of the 30.6 exabytes per month crossing the mobile network by 2020, Cisco estimates that 23.0 exabytes will be due to video.

Moreover, mobile video represented more than half of global mobile data traffic beginning in 2012, indicating that it is already affecting traffic today, not just in the future. In-video payments also seem to be a natural choice given the growth and an outstanding popularity of such video and movie streaming platforms as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and others. Supporting the numbers mentioned above, a report on video banking made by Vidyo suggests that by 2017 almost 80{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969} of all banks will plan to launch a video banking service in the long term.

Moneymailme, the world’s first app to combine video calls with cash transfer

We are proud to be first company in the world to release an app that offers video calls with cash transfer (e-money). Just like the rest of Moneymailme’s features, the new function is easy-to-use and works smoothly. Building on this market demand, Moneymailme raises the bar and offers, as a world first, video calls with cash transfer capabilities (e-money). Added recently, the Video Chat function is an enormous benefit for those traveling or living abroad. You can instantly chat with your friends and, if you wish to initiate a mobile video chat, there is a video icon on the top right side of the chat page, right next to your file upload icon. If you wish to send cash to a friend, just click on the cash icon (located on the input section at the bottom of the page) and you’re there!

As you can see, using Moneymailme on your iOS or Android smartphone (free download) is as simple as it gets. Register in just one minute and enjoy the easiness of sending e-money, sharing files and chatting with your friends, family members or colleagues! Invite your friends from your phone Contacts list and you are able to share messages, images, videos and locations. The best feature of the app is that you can deposit, send and receive e-money for free. It doesn’t matter if your friend, colleague or family member is thousands of miles away, Moneymailme brings everyone closer! Try it for yourself and also tell others about its features.

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