Moneymailme is a money transfer app that enables effortless and efficient transactions. The latest updates from the service’s developers bring an additional layer of security for the mobile application’s customers to enjoy.

Moneymailme is simple, fast, and effective

Moneymailme is a mobile application that allows people to easily move funds electronically. But more than just a money transferring app, Moneymailme also comes with innovative features in the field of e-transfers. It allows its users to chat and to video-call so that they can discuss their transactions on the go, and instantaneously. This alleviates many of the complexities that often accompany transactions requiring documentation.

With Moneymailme, no need to visit your bank’s local branch or to log onto your financial services provider’s website. Everything you need is accessible through the one handheld device that always stays in your pocket or bag. That way, you can send or receive money anywhere and at any time, provided that you have a good enough internet connection. All you have to do is to search for the contact with whom you want to interact and then send him or her payment note or request through the integrated messaging thread interface.

Moneymailme’s design resembles that of traditional messaging and video-calling apps. Therefore, the service enables new users to adapt easily thanks to an interface that evokes familiarity.

Transferring money through the app is free

Gone are the days of money lost over heftily priced transfer services. One of the best things about the Moneymailme app is that it incurs no transaction fee! So, sending money to your friends and relatives who live abroad has become easier, and way less costly than other existing payment systems.

Normally, moving funds across countries is a procedure that requires more requirements in terms of bank details when one has to recourse to traditional transaction methods. For example, in some cases, an IBAN, or international bank account number, is required. Given that the latter is sometimes obtained for a standard fee, or available exclusively at one of your financial services provider’s branches, both money and time are saved if the same transaction is effectuated electronically through the Moneymailme app.

User-friendly, the Moneymailme app allows users to check any transactions, whether they are sending, receiving or withdrawing e-money, by tapping on the Transactions button in the app. Transactions also appear instantly on the app. Money may also be easily transferred to the user’s banking account.

The Moneymailme app also allows users to chat with each other. It is easy to find your contacts who are also using the app through the address book. Attachments such as pictures, videos, locations and contacts may also be sent in a jiff.

Using the highest quality of layered security available

The Moneymail app offers multiple layers of authentication coupled with hardware limitation. Subsequently, the app may be installed only on the personal smartphone of a user. It also requires several layers of verification that are fragmented in multiple steps, giving the user total control on his account and safeguarding his privacy. The layered security adopted by Moneymailme is of the highest quality available currently. The company, nonetheless, is constantly investing in research and development to improve in-app and on-site security in view of protecting both individual clients as well as businesses.

Moneymailme has also foreseen case scenarios such as the theft of a phone. Users can log in from their web platform and block their account. Those changing their smartphones can re-authenticate their devices as an instant secured link is sent to their registered email.

On the lookout for potential security improvements

Moneymailme is indeed an app that facilitates transactions. However, while efficiency and ease are at the centre of the mobile application’s user experience, the service also caters to its customers’ security. The processes of sending and receiving money are often risky. Scamming, phishing and other types of malicious operations exist around both kinds of transactions. To ensure that new security risks are circumvented efficiently, the team behind Moneymailme constantly updates the features of their mobile transfer service.

Policies at Moneymailme require each and every transaction to be monitored on a 24-hour basis. This rigid protocol is effective in preventing email phishing, fraud, and even the much-feared identity theft. The mechanism that allows such a process rests on the creation of a custodian account at Barclays Bank.

Creating the said custodian account requires a Moneymailme customer to be subject to a rigorous identity check in order to ensure that no fraudulent account operates on the service’s networks. With the reduced opportunity for fraud that this disposition leaves to hackers and online thieves, Moneymailme’s customers can enjoy peace of mind as they effectively go through their day to day transactions. All they have to do to enjoy this new feature is to upgrade their account from the “Light” version to the “Regular” version.

Moneymailme account can be updated in just a few effortless steps

To implement its latest security features, Moneymailme partnered with Barclays Bank to provide its customer base with custodian accounts at the said financial institution. To enjoy the benefits of this latest security update, one simply has to update his or her Moneymailme account from “Light” to “Regular”.

The upgrade can be done through the following easy steps:

– First, open the app and navigate to the “Documents” tab found in the menu.
– Choose between uploading your authentication document from your gallery, or taking a picture directly.
– Valid documents can be your Identity card, your driving license, or your passport. You will have to upload or take pictures of both the front and the back of any document you decide to upload.
– Wait until your authentication document gets approved by Moneymailme’s financial provider. This normally takes about one working day.

An easy payment solution for merchants

Moneymailme is equally attractive to merchants representing online stores. The app is an easy payment solution, allowing customers buy products in a fast and fun manner.  Thousands of users around the world are already using the Moneymailme app. Offering this payment solution as a merchant will improve your visibility on the market as a facilitator, letting your customers pay instantly for their purchases.

The process is simple. Merchants have to register by completing the form available with their company and legal representative details. Specific documents also have to be uploaded. This part of the process may take up to 48 hours. The final step is implementing the app on your website, with the help of your IT specialist. You may also request the support of Moneymailme.

The Moneymailme app is very convenient for merchants who can track all their orders, refund money and create monthly reports. There is no registration or annual fee but merchants have to pay 0,75{8b3f73219b5080a422b1f04099b73d538078b62721cecdfd0086dbdff3438969} commission when withdrawing money from their Moneymailme for Merchants account.

Promoting charitable causes securely with Moneymailme

Moneymailme aims at “making a difference in a different way”. As such, the app was also designed to help other people by partnering with multiple foundations and charities across the planet. Users can donate in real time without any extra costs and securely. Users will have updates about causes with all details needed.