The award-winning social money transferring app Moneymailme, named “Best Social Payments App – UK 2017” by – a print journal and online resource reporting on business, economics and finance – turns two today.

Launched two years ago as a free download from the App Store and Google Play, Moneymailme has revolutionized the way we chat with our friends, family members or colleagues and how we transfer money. Moneymailme users from all over the world agree on one thing: this innovative app stands out thanks to the easiness of sending and receiving money while chatting with their loved ones – including during a video call, a world first – its smartly designed, user-friendly interface and high levels of security. Moneymailme is the first chat app with the ability to complete a money transfer internationally. Available free both for iOS and Android users, Moneymailme enables users to chat, video chat and transfer funds with the highest security levels on the market today, with double layer encryption.

Commenting on the app’s anniversary, Mihai Ivascu, CEO and Founder, stated: “It’s been an incredible journey so far! We are proud to be first company in the world to release an app that offers video calls with cash transfer (e-money). Just like the rest of Moneymailme’s defining features, this function is easy-to-use, works smoothly, and is an enormous benefit for those traveling or living abroad. You can instantly chat with your friends and, if you wish to send cash to one (or more) of them, just click on the cash icon and you’re there! You can send e-money in six different currencies: Euro, US Dollars, British Pounds, Polish Zloty, South African Rand and Swiss Franc. It couldn’t be simpler. Today, when the app turns two, I would like to thank all of our users for downloading this award-winning app, as well as our partners who made this cool project happen!”

Highest-level security, round the clock

We, at Moneymailme, take security very seriously! Our specialized teams of banking security experts and programmers have designed the security protection of the app at the highest level, introducing the latest security protocols and levels of encryption: three-factor authentication, SSL 256-bit encryption, device validation and constant monitoring of every transaction. No matter if you are sending, receiving or withdrawing money, you can check your transactions in the system with a few clicks at any given time.

Make someone’s life better with Charitable Causes

With Moneymailme we are trying to bring people closer. Introducing Charitable Causes was the natural step forward in helping people reach people. For the first time, you can use a social app not just for your own benefit, but also to help others. Through our partnerships with various foundations and charities around the world, you always have an updated version of the causes, by categories, with all the details needed. You can donate in real time, with 0 cost (no fees are taken by us when you donate), and help make a difference! In partnering with GlobalGiving UK, Moneymailme extends its online service for users beyond the personal movement of cash and into the realm of helping and providing.

Introducing the Moneymailme Card

Moneymailme has partnered with Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) to provide users with access to virtual and physical cards. All Moneymailme cards have multiple currency wallets linked to them so that when cardholders make a transaction, the money will be debited from the matching currency wallet rather than a traditional base currency card. “Moneymailme Cards provide a valuable spending tool for new and existing Moneymailme users and are a great option for those wanting to make payments with the money they have in their Moneymailme e-wallets”, states Mihai Ivascu, Moneymailme Founder & CEO. PFS Commercial Director Lee Britton adds: “PFS is delighted to have been chosen to partner with Moneymailme. Their proposition completely changes the way social payments are made; the innovative approach and outstanding technology platform has enabled Moneymailme to lead the way. The launch of Moneymailme Cards together with PFS is an important step in enabling social payments to meet the needs and wants of customers globally.”


The advantages of Moneymailme Card

– A safe, secure Mastercard payment method exclusive to Moneymailme users

– Add money with ease and use the card to shop online, pay in stores or ATMs

– You can use it anywhere in the world, with no restriction

– Three currencies available: EUR, USD and GBP

– Latest security protocols to protect against fraud and theft

– Easily track your spending, so you’re always in control

Two types of Moneymailme cards

We know that Moneymailme users appreciate diversity, so we’re offering two types of Moneymailme Cards. The virtual Moneymailme Card is issued and can be seen right in the Moneymailme app – a free download from the App Store and Google Play. You can also choose to receive a physical Moneymailme Card and have it delivered to your home or office address. Once you’ve received it, activate the card using the app and the code you’ve received via SMS. Every transaction you make with Moneymailme Card is visible in the Moneymailme app, so you’re always up to date with the purchases made. Moneymailme users can also lock/unlock their Moneymailme Card. Topping your Moneymailme Card can be done from the Moneymailme wallet or through an IBAN received when the card was generated. Shopping with Moneymailme Card has never been easier!