The award winning social money transferring app Moneymailme is launching a new set of features in order to stimulate user satisfaction and to become the world’s leading money transferring app. The first of its kind, Moneymailme is a pioneer in the field of social money transferring, as it fuses the functionality of a video call with cash transfer (e-money).

Security is a top priority for Moneymailme, as such the team behind it is launching the new direct pay in feature which allows more secure top up operations, while remembering user card data as to enable fast and easy repeat pay ins. These new features allow Moneymailme users the possibility to change the password directly from their smartphones, available for both Android and iOS. That’s not all. This update provides a new set of audio/video features which will enhance users’ experience. Moneymailme aims to stay true to its founding principle, to blend a whole new social media experience with a high profile of utility, like online money transfer. We are confident that the new video/ audio features offer now the best quality available on the market.

Besides increasing security, the new direct pay in feature will offer users a much more user friendly alternative to money transferring.

With Moneymailme you can instantly chat with your friends and easily transfer them money at the same time. How? Just click on the cash icon and you’re done! You can send e-money in six different currencies: Euro, US Dollars, British Pounds, Polish Zloty, South African Rand and Swiss Franc.

In terms of security, our specialized teams of banking security experts and programmers have designed the security protection of the app at the highest level, introducing the latest security protocols and levels of encryption: three-factor authentication, SSL 256-bit encryption, device validation and constant monitoring of every transaction. No matter if you are sending, receiving or withdrawing money, you can check your transactions in the system with a few clicks at any given time.

Launched two years ago as a free download from the App Store and Google Play, Moneymailme has revolutionized the way we chat with our friends, family members or colleagues and how we transfer money. Moneymailme users from all over the world agree on one thing: this innovative app stands out thanks to the easiness of sending and receiving money while chatting with their loved ones – including during a video call, a world first – its smartly designed, user-friendly interface and high levels of security. Moneymailme is the first chat app with the ability to complete a money transfer internationally. Available free both for iOS and Android users, Moneymailme enables users to chat, video chat and transfer funds with the highest security levels on the market today, with double layer encryption.