Surfing the web, sending and receiving emails, posting on social media, watching videos or messaging / chatting with your friends? Which activity do smartphone users perform most often? Digital 2019, We are Social / Hoot Suite’s comprehensive global guide, sheds light on this matter.

Without doubt, messaging plays an important role in our lives. Whether we are sending a good, old SMS to keep in touch with family, friends or colleagues or we are using one of the many chat apps available on the market to share moments, photos and videos, there’s no denying that messaging – as an activity performed on these high-tech devices – is growing steadily. We don’t think this will stop anytime soon. Since the team behind Moneymailme is based in London, we will be focusing on the data related to the UK market. Here are some interesting stats from the survey:

95% of UK households own at least one mobile device. Countrywide, mobile communication is the preferred way of communicating and getting in touch. The number of Internet users who access the Internet via a portable device is on a continuous growth path.

57% of the UK population are mobile social media users and spend 114 minutes daily actively on their favorite social networks. Social media apps and chat apps are the preferred mobile apps by category in the UK, followed by browser and email.

73% of UK Internet users use mobile messaging, up from 68% in last year’s report. With this increase, messaging remains the most popular function for smartphones. Even though YouTube is the leading social network in the UK, citizens message more on their phone than they watch videos. Watching videos and using mobile map functions rank as the 2nd and 3rd place activities, followed by playing games and using mobile banking.

45% of surveyed Internet users have used their smartphone to make a purchase within the last month. Companies who are in contact with their target groups over messaging apps can offer integrated sales opportunities within their customer care channels and profit from the increasing use of smartphones as one-stop channel for communicating and purchasing.

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