We’ve got some great news! The latest Moneymailme update can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play as of today. Besides a beautiful new app design, visible on all screens, this update makes the app more enjoyable and rewarding to use.

Our team has been working hard to deliver this update and now that it’s finally available for users; let’s take a closer look at the exciting new features that await you. Update the app now and discover the new Moneymailme.

Light, Standard and Premium Users

From now on, Moneymailme users will be split into three categories: Light, Standard and Premium.

  • Light users will use the app as a social media service. Basically, they can chat with their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
  • Standard users are using the financial part of the app for money transfer services.
  • Premium users are those who have a Moneymailme Card or are in the process of getting one.

The existing Premium users (which are using a Mastercard Moneymailme card at the time of this update) will continue to use the app as it is. The existing Standard users will continue to use the app to transfer money, to top-up their account, but will have to provide, if requested, additional information.

Regarding newcomers in Moneymailme app, they will be able to instantly create a Light account, without the hassle of answering questions or providing documents. Additional details will be requested only when they wish to transfer money and to upgrade their account. 

Latest technologies made user-friendly

And there’s more. This update also brings the activation of biometrics within the app. Changing the email address can now be done from the app, the password doesn’t expire after 90 days, and to confirm a transaction the PIN is no longer needed. From now on, when you open the app the authentication will be done through facial recognition or fingerprint using the latest generation technology.

Moreover, you don’t need to use the web account any more, as all actions are available from the app. The latest update also allows you to receive your Moneymailme card at a different mailing address than the one provided in the documents approved at KYC. The Cards section can be accessed easier, having been moved to the bottom of the main menu. Furthermore, if you need to log in on a new device, you will be able to do that without clicking on additional links.

To benefit from all these improvements, update your Moneymailme app to the latest version as soon as possible. And stay tuned as more exciting news for Moneymailme card holders are on the way! We’ll talk about these in detail in a separate blog post in just a few days, but until then here’s a quick preview: almost all fees will be gone and replaced with a monthly fee.

About Moneymailme

Moneymailme is an innovative money transfer and chat app that combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving money on your phone, facilitating micro-payments, file sharing and chatting. Launched in 2015, Moneymailme lets users send and receive money, fast and secure, in six currencies – Euro, US Dollars, British Pounds, Polish Zloty, South African Rand, and Swiss Franc – even during a video call, a world first. For your peace of mind, our teams of banking security experts and programmers have designed the protection of Moneymailme app at the highest level, complemented by its smartly designed, user-friendly interface. Moneymailme is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.