We’re happy to announce that we are changing the fees policy for Moneymailme Card users and we are also reducing the costs associated with the issuing of cards.

Ever since we’ve launched Moneymailme, the innovative money transfer and chat app, user satisfaction has been one of our top priorities. Since the app’s debut, we have been constantly looking at new ways in which to refine the user experience and to give our users more reasons to smile. With this in mind, starting today, we are cutting all fees for transactions and payments. From now one, it will be one single card service fee: 5.99 EUR per month for Physical cards and 4.99 EUR per month for Virtual ones. In addition, the costs for card issuing are now lower: 0.99 EUR for Physical cards (down from 15 EUR) and 0.29 EUR for Virtual cards (down from 1.5 EUR).

Existing users will be notified about the new fees and a countdown begins until they will be implemented. During this interval, users can clear their account and close their card if they don’t wish to continue with the new fees in place. New users, who order their card in the 60 days period, will be informed about the switch from the old fee plan to the new one and will make the transition together with the existing Moneymailme Card holders towards the new plan.

The advantages of using a Moneymailme Card

A safe, secure Mastercard payment method exclusive to Moneymailme users, the card allows you to add money with ease and use the card to shop online, pay in stores or withdraw cash from ATMs. You can use the card anywhere in the world, with no restriction, with three currencies available: EUR, USD, and GBP. To protect against fraud and theft, the cards are using the latest security protocols and you can easily track your spending, so you’re always in control. Shopping with a Moneymailme Card has never been easier!

About Moneymailme

Moneymailme is an innovative money transfer and chat app that combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving money on your phone, facilitating micro-payments, file sharing and chatting. Launched in 2016, Moneymailme lets users send and receive money, fast and secure, in six currencies – Euro, US Dollars, British Pounds, Polish Zloty, South African Rand, and Swiss Franc – even during a video call – a world first. For your peace of mind, our teams of banking security experts and programmers have designed the protection of Moneymailme app at the highest level, complemented by its smartly designed, user-friendly interface.

Moneymailme is a free download from the App Store and Google Play. Please make sure you have installed the latest update in order to fully enjoy the app.