About Moneymailme

Social Money

Moneymailme is an innovative chatting app that combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available e-money from your mobile phone in what has been termed “social money”, fast and secure. From sending money back to your friend who paid earlier for your coffee at the University, to contributing with your office colleagues to buying a gift for your boss, Moneymailme facilitates micro-payments, file sharing and chatting at the same time, allowing you to make a really enjoyable social experience out of payments.

What is social money?

Social money is a new term used to describe the transfer of funds through social technology such as chat applications. The mix between chatting and sending or receiving money is a natural step in today’s increasing connected world. As a direct result, the current methods of transferring social money are quickly becoming outdated. Time taken to transfer funds on a P2P basis are extraordinarily long, especially if one finds herself / himself in a situation where they need an immediate transfer of cash. In an emergency situation, you have to be able to chat with your friend or relatives, constantly assuring them you are there to help. Moneymailme brings this reassuring feeling to people. No more going home or to an office to complete a transfer! Do it immediately from your phone.

Full Security

This is possible in real time, secure and free, by using a regulated network of e-wallets that allow the easy transferring of money through virtual wallets. Moneymailme uses highly advanced security protocols and advanced encryption to offer full protection of your conversations and transactions, because – as we all know – there’s nothing more important than the security of your personal data.

Competitive Fees

There are no fees for same currency transfers within the app.

Nowadays, users have become increasingly involved in the friendly and seamless flow of simultaneous social engagement. Transferring money to friends and family across town or across the globe couldn’t be easier!

Trusted Partners

Partnering with Mangopay allows Moneymailme to have competitive fees and offer you the full security of your funds in a custodian account at Barclays Bank. You can request or send money within seconds using the Moneymailme app in over 130 countries, without having to know your friends’ bank account number or other transfer details. Just add your contact in the app and start enjoying the benefits of our design driven innovation product, Moneymailme. That’s the beauty of ‘social money transferring’, enjoy! Sharing is caring, so also tell others about the app!

Management Board

Mihai Ivascu

CEO and Founder

Paul Mears


David Applefield


Alin Iftemi


Advisory Board

James Healey

Board of Advisors

Linda Blanshay

Social Impact Advisor

Dr. Ali Bora Yigitbasioglu

FX Expert

Peter Kristensen

FX Risk Management

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