Moneymailme for Merchants

Access a fast, fun and easy payment solution for customers to buy your online products

Powerful Features

There are thousands of users all around the world using Moneymailme. By implementing our payment solution in your online shop, you can let all of them pay instantly when buying your products.

Fast Registration

Create a business account for your company and start exploring your options

Implementation Support

Contact our technical specialists team for support if you have any questions

Secure Connection

Implement our APIs and start accepting Moneymailme payments within a tokenized and regulated environment

Online Payments Reinvented

Easy Payment

Products bought from your website are paid with a simple QR code scan displayed when the order is placed and the Moneymailme payment option is chosen

Social Media

Your buyers can share orders placed on your website on social media channels and anyone with a Moneymailme account can pay later

Long Lived Orders

Orders placed on your website expire in 5 days so anyone with a Moneymailme account can pay for them

Lightning Fast Transfers

Using our electronic wallets ecosystem, you receive funds instantly to your business account

In Control

With Moneymailme for Merchants you can track your income, all your orders (placed, paid, expired), refund money and create monthly reports

Fair Fees

There is no registration or annual fee. You only have to pay 0,75% commission when you withdraw money from your account