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Charitable Causes

With Moneymailme we are trying to bring people closer. Introducing Charitable Causes was the natural step forward in helping people reach people. For the first time, you can use a social app not just for your own benefit, but also to help others. Through our partnerships with various foundations and charities around the world, you always have an updated version of the causes, by categories, with all the details needed. You can donate in real time, with 0 cost, and help make a difference!

Highest Levels of Protection

Social impact is a core value of Moneymailme, which sees most people-to-people transactions as being related to the emotions of both giving and receiving. In partnering with GlobalGiving UK, Moneymailme now extends its online service for users beyond the personal movement of cash and into the realm of helping and providing.


GlobalGiving has made it possible for local organizations to access the funding, tools, training and support they need to become more effective and make the world a better place through charitable causes.

We, at Moneymailme, see that people want to make a tangible difference in their lives. And we respect them for this. Being able to listen to or join peers in making an immediate contribution helps the causes while sharing goodwill and building community.


Being charitable is one of the most rewarding and emotional traits of many human beings across the globe. Thanks to our partnership with Globalgiving, Moneymailme plans to facilitate response for those affected and help the humanitarian system worldwide. Join us in making a difference for people in need!

World Humanitarian Summit

A recent World Humanitarian Summit study reports that cash donations are expected to radically disrupt the humanitarian system, as cash transfers are among the most rigorously evaluated and researched humanitarian tools of the last decade. In most contexts, humanitarian cash transfers can be provided to people safely, efficiently and accountably.

With increased mobile phone ownership in the developing world, increased access to Internet and with the help of the new flow of information generated during disasters, Moneymailme plans to facilitate response for those affected and help the humanitarian system worldwide.

Humanitarian Aid System

We are challenging the traditional humanitarian aid system, which is turning to mobile to make sense of the vast volume of data, social media and text messages, in direct support of relief efforts worldwide.

With Moneymailme we have crafted an innovative donation solution, enabling fast access to charities and instant, charge-free donations.

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