Secure Mobile Payments

Security, our Main Priority

Our specialized teams of banking security experts and programmers have designed the Moneymailme mobile payment security protection at the highest level, introducing the latest security protocols and levels of encryption. The know-how of our experts comes from many years of experience within the financial security sector. Our team of professionals has specific skills in mobile payments and securing their transactions, so you can rest assured as a client.

Highest Levels of Protection

The ability to make secure mobile payments is essential to any company which endeavors to bring global transactions or currency conversion through normal exchange market or with e-money.

Layered Security

Using the Moneyailme app is simple and completely safe due to the multiple layers of authentication implemented and a very important feature: the hardware limitation. This means that Moneyailme can only be used on your personal smartphone and requires multiple step verification, so that you have total control over your account and your privacy. Our Layered Security has the highest quality available nowadays on the market. Even so, our programmers are continuously seeking new ways to improve our in-app and on-site security to protect our company and clients.

Device Validation

The only way to use the app is by validating your smartphone (logging-in from another device is impossible). If your phone gets stolen, you lose it or just change it with a new one, you can easily log into your web platform and block your account. Re-authentication of your new smartphone is easy and instant through a secured link sent to your registered email, so no need worry about any type of delays!

Transaction Security

No matter if you are sending, receiving or withdrawing e-money, you can check your transactions in the app or in your online account with a few taps at any given time. Our team offers 24-hour support in order to ensure transaction security while providing optimal response times to any type of concern you may have. We know how important security is for you, so we’re acting accordingly.